This blog, in addition to the usual maintenance details for classic mini cars, an attempt is made to explain the "whys" and "wherefores" of the various jobs.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The symptoms or: Trouble Shooting

The controller starts by the lack of suitable data "to behave funny. (Humor who can laugh at such jokes about) most often jokes comment on this non-circular, or to a high idle, spontaneous death of the motor, buck, stuttering, misfiring, popping in the air filter housing, poor throttle response in low etc. pp. He also flooded usually hopelessly in which soot cloud from the exhaust and high fuel consumption while poorer performance leads to.

If you now conduct your minis in the list find again that would be the vacuum hoses a very hot tip.

What breaks?

It is mostly tips, the hoses and tear or by the ever-hot environment caused by old age begin to crumble. The hoses themselves are too brittle to get holes / cracks or already rendered unusable by kinks. If no external damages are, there remains the possibility that they are blocked simply expand (if working with compressed air will blow out completely before the tubes!). The hoses are flexible, although limited, but not rubber - that is to carefully work around unfortunately. In rare cases, the case of petrol leaking or overflowing offender, except to say, eight have not. If it is filled with gasoline, it can be expanded and freigeschüttelt. This requires quite a bit of patience.

The "hierarchy"

Let's get the yellow hose to the snorkel. It connects the valve with the ThermAC ThermAC switch. The valve is used during a cold start to the fact that as soon as possible to the engine block pre-heated by air drawn in is to rapidly provide proper exhaust emissions. How the switch works exactly, I do not know, but I think it can, depending on the temperature (should be a bi-metal switch) be something of the pressure valve in the snorkel through to fill this order - if necessary. The switch should operate in both directions, Wierum the hoses are connected not have to worry. (If not please contradict! Bin as well versed soo not.)

ThermAC switch from the red hose goes to the intake manifold. (Photos from the engine coming soon. As long as simply hope that the old bottles are still there to hinzuhangeln around.)

From there is the short hose (in black / white) for connection to the gas trap. The petrol is the case, held by a bracket on the fire wall (separation between the engine and passenger compartment) to the left / behind the air box. Remove the Lufi best, makes it easier to work a lot easier.

The connections are designed so that a "reversed polarity" is almost impossible (but "is not" is not, therefore, to note that the management ECU ran to the green connector to be! ). The long, green-coded cable leads for connection to the underside of the ECU next to the connector of the engine wiring harness. 

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Vacuum system : The Basics

First of all, we want function of the hoses in connection with the gasoline case to clarify the answer to, to what the junk ever need.
The SPI (Single Point Injection) has, like all current electronic fuel injection systems a MAP sensor. MAP stands for Manifold Absolute Pressure, ie, here is the pressure measured in the intake manifold. Why? This sensor gives the controller information about the current load of the engine, thus allowing among other things, the correct calculation of the appropriate ignition timing, the different load ranges vary lie down in need.

Since this is an Alpha-N system is at (racing friends will now sensitive) , is calculated as the injection quantity and injection from the position of the throttle, the engine speed and intake air temperature.

The MAP sensor is located in SPI-Minis directly in the ECU, because the very nature of the fuel injection (TBI: Throttle Body Injection = port fuel injection) is not possible to accommodate him directly in the intake manifold. when the throttle valve fuel injected centrally SPI is as before, petrol would come in contact with the sensor (petrol vapor, condensed fuel) and are destroyed, etc.. For this reason, he sits outside and is a vacuum tube system with measurable power from. But because the hoses still drops way in sensor could go towards gas, gasoline case, the interposed. it collects in the gas, the short vacuum hose from the intake manifold can get her through the.

I sometimes got NEN experimental setup done on the desktop, just as conveniently all hoses including case there are new. We therefore assume that control of the experimental Minis PalmPowered is that a radiator intake manifold and the air intake tube has a infrared remote control is one of mime.