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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Adjusting Free Movement of Clutch Pedal

It is important that a small amount of free movement of the clutch pedal should exist before the pressure of the main clutch springs is felt. About £—

in. is sufficient, but as the friction linings of the clutch wear, the free movement (which, in fact, indicates that a slight clearance exists between the clutch withdrawal thrust race and the thrust ring) will decrease. When the clearance between the thrust ring and the race is taken up, the clutch will no longer be able to engage fully and clutch-slip will develop.
Adjustment is carried out at the stop-screw shown in Fig. 18. The correct clearance, which must be measured with a feeler gauge, depends on the type of clutch. The appropriate figures are given on page 144. If necessary, slacken the lock-nut and turn the head of the screw to give the correct clearance.