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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lubricating the Speedometer Drive

The flexible cable that drives the speedometer should be lubricated at 12,000-mile intervals, or at an earlier stage if the speedometer needle begins to flicker or gives an unsteady reading. Unscrew the sleeve that connects the outer casing of the drive to the rear of the speedometer (Fig. 44 shows the arrangement used on most models), and pull the inner cable out of the casing. Lightly smear the cable with grease, insert it fully into the outer casing and then withdraw it about six inches and wipe the exposed section clean before again pushing the cable fully home into the casing. If this precaution is neglected, or if the cable is heavily coated with grease, there is a risk of the lubricant finding its way into the speedometer itself, necessitating the dismantling and cleaning of the instrument by a specialist.

Before reconnecting the cable to the speedometer, make sure that its lower end is fully home in the driving union by rotating the cable with the fingers while pushing it home. The square end should stand clear of the casing by approximately f in. Similarly, when reconnecting the cable to the speedometer head, check that it engages with the driven spindle in the speedometer and do not use force when tightening the retaining sleeve.

When sound-insulating felt is applied to the engine bulkhead it will be necessary to slit the felt carefully around the speedometer cable to enable the sleeve to be unscrewed. After the cable has been reconnected, seal the slit in the felt with a strip of fabric, smeared with a good adhesive such as Bostik 2.