This blog, in addition to the usual maintenance details for classic mini cars, an attempt is made to explain the "whys" and "wherefores" of the various jobs.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Miscellaneous Oil-can Attentions

The dynamo requires only two drops of engine oil in the lubrication hole provided in the bearing plate at the opposite end to the driving pulley. The bearing at the pulley end is self-lubricating. Similarly, the starter motor needs no lubrication until the time eventually comes to dismantle it for a general examination and overhaul.

Items such as door hinges, the bonnet lock and operating mechanism and the boot lid hinges should not be overlooked. Wherever there is any likelihood of oil coming into contact with passengers' clothes, the surplus should be wiped away immediately. To avoid this risk the door lock tongues and catches can be lubricated by rubbing them with an ordinary wax candle.