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Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Carburettor and Fuel System

The simple S.U. carburettor fitted to these cars requires very little attention. Owing to the large diameter of the jet and fuel passages, combined with the constant movement of the jet metering needle, troubles due to the jet being blocked by small globules of water or particles of sediment are virtually unknown.

The checks at this mileage, therefore, are confined to making sure that the idling mixture strength is correct, as described in Chapter 6, and examining the carburettor and the fuel pipeline and unions for any signs of petrol leakage. If necessary, tighten any clamping screws, but not to such an extent that the clamps are distorted.

If there are any symptoms of incorrect carburation, or leakage of fuel from the carburettor itself, the checks and adjustments described in Chapter 6 should be carried out.

The fuel pump normally requires no attention at this mileage which is perhaps just as well, as it is located rather inaccessibly on the inside of the left-hand rear side-member of the sub-frame and can be reached only when the car is over a pit or raised on "a hoist, or with the rear wheels supported on wheel ramps. However, pumps are not infallible and the servicing of this component is described in Chapter 6.