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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Check the Shock Absorbers for Leakage

The tubular, telescopic hydraulic shock-absorbers, or suspension dampers, as they may more accurately be termed, fitted to Minis which are not equipped with Hydro-lastic suspension, require no topping-up. Being sealed units, they can neither be adjusted nor refilled with fluid should any leakage develop. Any external signs of fluid leakage, or loss of efficiency due to wear of the internal parts, therefore, calls for renewal of the shock absorbers as described in Chapter 9. When checking the shock absorbers, make sure that the rubber bushes in the eyes at each end are in good condition and check the tightness of the securing nuts. Often a surprisingly large amount of movement of the suspension arm can take place before the shock absorber comes into action, solely owing to loose securing nuts or worn bushes.