This blog, in addition to the usual maintenance details for classic mini cars, an attempt is made to explain the "whys" and "wherefores" of the various jobs.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Servicing the PD Pump

The only attention required is occasional cleaning of the filter—say, at 6,000-mile intervals. The pump is mounted beneath the car, on the inside of the left-hand rear sub-frame member. It will therefore be necessary to run the car over a pit or raise it on a garage hoist; alternatively, the work can be done quite conveniently in the home garage if the rear of the car is raised by driving the rear wheels on to a pair of wheel ramps.

As the pump will inevitably acquire a coating of mud and grit, it is best to remove it for servicing. Disconnect the leads, slacken the clips on the fuel connexions and pull them off the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump. As the pump is below the petrol tank, it will be necessary to have ready a clean container capable of holding the amount of fuel remaining in the tank, which will drain from the open end of the feed pipe, or a tapered wooden plug can be inserted in the end of the pipe as soon as this has been disconnected.

When the two screws securing the mounting bracket to the sub-frame have been undone, the pump and bracket can be removed. Plug the inlet and outlet unions and thoroughly clean the exterior of the pump before removing either the top or bottom cover, as the slightest particle of grit can upset its action.

Remove the bakelite lower cover from the pump, withdraw the filter and clean it in petrol, preferably using an old toothbrush. Before re¬placing the cover make sure that the sealing washer is in perfect condition. If in any doubt, fit a new washer as soon as possible. Tighten the securing nut firmly but be careful not to over-tighten it, owing to the risk of cracking the filter cover.