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Thursday, 15 October 2009


When difficult starting, heavy fuel consumption, misfiring and loss of power are experienced, the carburettor may not necessarily be the culprit. The trouble may be due to a combination of other faults, such as ignition system troubles, badly seating valves, worn piston rings and cylinders, a leaking cylinder-head gasket, defective inlet manifold or carburettor gaskets and mechanical faults—all of which can adversely affect perform¬ance and fuel consumption and can cause difficult starting.

Before blaming the carburettor, therefore, a general check should be made on the mechanical condition of the engine and of the car as a whole. A B.L.M.C. dealer should have the necessary equipment to carry out such checks quickly and efficiently. It should not be necessary to stress the value of expert opinion in cases of this nature and, when discussing faults such as difficult starting and excessive fuel consumption, it will be assumed that these preliminary checks have been carried out {see the Fault-tracing Chart on pages 60-1).