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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lubricating the Handbrake Cable Guides or Sectors

It is particularly important to keep the handbrake cables of early models well lubricated where they pass through the cable guide tubes fitted to the rear radius arms. Otherwise, the brakes are inclined to bind or the cables may freeze in the guides. To do the job properly it is advisable to slacken off the adjusters at the forward ends of the cables so that a generous coating of grease can be applied to the cables and tubes.

On later models the cables pass around pivoted sectors, the pivots of which must be lubricated with light engine oil. On still later models a self-lubricating bush is fitted to each sector, but this does not entirely eliminate the risk of the brakes binding and if this is experienced the bush should be sparingly lubricated with engine oil, as in the case of the earlier models.