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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Carburettor Air Cleaner

The air cleaner fitted to all models except the early Coopers contains a pleated-paper filtering unit (a pair of units in the case of later Coopers) which must be replaced at 12,000-mile intervals. It is as well to inspect the cleaner during the 6,000-mile service, however, since if it has become clogged with dust or is greasy and badly discoloured, it would be as well to renew it at this stage. A. choked element will restrict the amount of air that is drawn into the carburettor, causing loss of per¬formance and increased petrol consumption.

For winter running the carburettor air-filter intake should be at A, and for summer running at B
The element can be taken out when the wing-nut or nuts which secure the top cover of the cleaner have been unscrewed and the cover lifted off. When reassembling the air cleaner, position the intake nozzle as shown in Fig. 16, so that it is close to the exhaust manifold during the winter months and pointing away from it in the summer. The warm-air position will reduce the risk of the carburettor icing-up in cold, damp weather (see page 73), whereas the cool-air setting will give a better power output during the summer months or in hot climates.

The "pancake" wire-mesh air filters fitted to the earlier Cooper models require a different treatment from those just described. Remove the filters, swill the mesh in petrol, dip each filter in engine oil and allow the surplus oil to drain off before refitting the filter to the carburettor.

The filters used on later Coopers contain two pleated-paper elements which must be replaced. The air intake is not adjustable to a warm-air or cool-air position, as is the case with other Minis.

Adjusting the fan belt tension. The nuts shown must be slackened in addition to the nut on the slotted strut before attempting to move the dynamo. Otherwise the brackets may be fractured